Build 3 Public Release!

The Public Release for Build 3 of Violet Memoir is Here!

Build 3 focuses on the rest of day 3 for Oscar and getting to know a bit more about his situation and the other people in his life. I really hope that you find something more intriguing to him than just the really hot otter.

At the same time as this release, Build 4 will be uploaded to Patreon which will follow Lucas' version of day 3 and will introduce you to my personal favorite side character. If you want to read that now without having to wait a month, support us on patreon:

Build 3 Changelog:

- Approx. 10.5k words have been added. This will primarily be focused on the rest of Oscar's day 3.
- A new CG for Lucas done by Korichi. It's from previous content, specifically the classroom scene on Day 3 if you choose to sit next to him.
- Fixed up some typos and programming errors from Patron Release of Build 3.
- Sprites by Shiuk added for a new character you'll meet in new Build 3 content.
- Lucas' sprite has been adjusted to make him look shorter as his current sprite made him look too tall.

- An adjustment to Oscar's introduction scene back on day 1. The way it was written gave the impression that Oscar smacked Wallace's ass while it was only supposed to be Oscar giving Wallace a light shove to get him moving. The writing has been adjusted to give this impression and I apologize for anyone who developed a dislike towards Oscar because of this.

I wanted to get this build out during the weekend that just passed but delays forced us to release a day too late but regardless, it's here and right before Christmas too. Consider it a Christmas gift or miracle, if you want to. I really hope you enjoy it!

Files 324 MB
Dec 20, 2021 289 MB
Dec 20, 2021
VioletMemoir-3.0-linux.tar.bz2 295 MB
Dec 20, 2021
VioletMemoir-3.0-Android.apk 332 MB
Dec 20, 2021

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Oscar's route is really enticing, looking forward for more updates. And now i can't stop thinking and theorizing what's the necklace drama about, thank you.

Why did Oscar's day feel shorter than Leighs to me? Still enjoyed most of it though. Keep up the good work.