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Violet Memoir is a gay romance psychological thriller visual novel following Wallace, a college freshman, as the start of his first semester is thrown into disarray when he finds a diary in his room that's connected to a tragedy. He, alongside his newfound friends he's paired with for a group assignment, begin to investigate into the story behind the diary but things quickly take a supernatural turn and old demons crawl out of the closet to haunt them once again.
Discover love, trauma, recovery, and comfort as you follow Wallace navigating both the dangers before him and the comforts of the new people around him. 

Disclaimer: This story contains themes of abuse, violence, bullying, trauma, death,  and references/discussions about suicide. Please read with caution if you're sensitive to any of these topics.

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Install instructions

When downloading your file, make sure you get the correct file for your platform. Afterwards, you unzip the file and run VioletMemoir.

If you run into any problems, bugs, or typos, then contact us on twitter: @Violet_Memoir


VioletMemoir-11.0-pc.zip 427 MB
VioletMemoir-11.0-Android.apk 435 MB
VioletMemoir-11.0-linux.tar.bz2 398 MB
VioletMemoir-11.0-mac.zip 392 MB

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Which route is the farthest in completion? Is Oscar the fan favorite?  And finally, are their multiple routes per character?

There's only one route per character, there will be a bad ending near the middle of their route but that won't split off into an entire route. Lucas' route is the furthest route so far, having a couple more updates than the others.

Thank you! I made the comment before playing, but I finished it a couple days ago. I love this game, and I can't wait to see what's next!

I don't know what this means, I have the small brain!


You go to the folder where VM is in. Then you click on game and then on images.

i love it


what did Leigh's tattoo look like again? I would really like to see the whole thing, it looks so cool!


Been enjoying the series since december, still hooked


On Android, Renpy is crashing as soon as it loads on latest build. ETA on fix?


Me too idk why its happening


I've made a post about this. I've changed the build 9 android file and uploaded an alternate download link for a previous version of the android build. Try those and let me know if it works!

(1 edit) (+2)

I know that the soundtrack is supposed to help with the mood...but as a metal head with a love for all music (Metal my favourite), I just cannot help but bob my head to those parts of the story. 
Gosh! All of the soundtracks in this are so well made! 

Edit: I would love to find these soundtracks in the game files but I have no clue where to look.


That initial metal song for the first nightmare sequence was the first piece of music I added to the project. As soon as I heard it, I knew the exact scene it was going to be for.


is so good!! whats the name of it?

You can look in the credits for all the songs used and spend some time using trial and error to find it


I tried opening the Game but it wouldn't please fix it Im playing on Android 


It would not go past the Renpy thing. Just crashes right after opening it


I'm having the same issue on the android version


I've made a post about this. I've changed the build 9 android file and uploaded an alternate download link for a previous version of the android build. Try those and let me know if it works!


It won't let me progress further than where it left of on build 7. I even tried restarting the game.


What's exactly the issue? Is the route just ending or is the game not opening?


When you guys add the gallery could you also add in a section for Helena's diary so that I revisit all of the page in her diary without having to use save files because I can't remember them all since the vn only updates every month


I'll hopefully get around to doing that once I get someone more fluent in programming. I'm not entirely sure how to handle this in an adequate way that wouldn't end up messing things up.

(3 edits) (+2)

Actually, I had an exboyfriend and this exboyfriend of mine was same with Oscar, exclude I was higher than him, but he was a muscle stud as well xd I liked him so much, I just never felt he is my true one, sadly. Sometimes I miss him and it's fine every now and then. It feels good to play Oscar's role.

I'm was somewhere between Wallace and Lucas in that relationship, I just feel guilty I've never been able to look at myself how I treat him also to say sorry. He was such a nice guy and flirty but in the stupidest way, GOSH, HOW HE THOUGHT IT'S COOL TO TEASE ME WITH HIS IDIOTEST SEXIST JOKES GODDAMN IT. But in the end we remained friends. He told me he never found someone like me and I'm so proud of it. I hope he's doing well.


Lucas' is my favorite route rn, he's so cute and fragile



i love this game already

yay new update!

i hate being so early 馃槶


Is this 18+???

It is, yeah.


like nsfw??????馃槷

No NSFW content as of yet.

I think there will be NSFW eventually because the writer for the VN posted on his twitter that there was a poll on his Patreon that asked if there should be NSFW content in the future and the majority said yes. You can see it here.


:O, and who doesnt want one!


I love how the writing is so thoroughly no bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I like character and romance building scenes as much as the next reader, but it is refreshing to have a potential 5000 words of 'coffee shop evening' alluded to, and then just totally timeskipped so we can see only the best parts

yay build 7!


Leigh is so sweet! I'd protect him with my life


Knowing Leigh I'm sure he'll do more of the protecting

Build 6: Heard the car horn start going back and forth, finally feeling better after a long day, realizes what's about to happen

"Oh god no-"

How do you make these characters so relatable? I need storytelling tips.

That siren on the end really got my fight or flight instincts acting 


Oh lord all the three routes/characters are adorable

In terms of pure looks, Leigh and Lucas aren't really my type but they're still pretty cute (but gawd Oscar is sexy, it's also the first time I've seen a buff/tall/muscular/hunk otter (aside maybe from Todd in TSR), they're usually portrayed as twinks in VN)

But personality wise, they're all loveable as heck

Still have a slight preference for Oscar and his flirty behaviour, too bad he's the only character we couldn't see blush in front of Wallace, I bet he would have looked hella cute

Lily is hilarious by the way, I noticed how female characters in gay furry VN are usually quite similar in a good way (quirky and funny characters that give big sis vibes, like Zoe in Psychic Connections and Ayako in Tennis Ace)

And I'm also completely hooked by the mystery surrounding this mysterious diary, can't wait to discover how it ended up like that


Thank you so much for your insight! I'm really glad you've been enjoying it so far and that each character has appealed to you. I hope we're able to keep it consistently satisfying.


Oh no

An otter

oh YES an otter

(1 edit) (+2)(-3)

quick question is this SFW or NSFW
I just wanna take a break on play a lot of NSFW VNs not that their bad just a mental break

Deleted 193 days ago

Excited for this new build, this is another visual novel I鈥檝e really enjoyed.


Oh, I recognized some soundtracks...  "Blue Feather" track, I know it from Repeat VN by Shirokoi. 


I really hope we get to see more of Selwyn he seems like an interesting character to get to know and he is very cute

bruh one day i was thinking about how i would love a game with one of those "idiot beefcake who doesnt know what hes saying half the time? then this just hit me in the head with a baseball bat and all i can say is thankyou

(1 edit) (+1)

I'd hate to be that guy and I absolutely know this is extremely unimportant to the story at large; but, shouldn't Lucas be wearing suspenders under his waistcoat instead of a belt?

This comment made me laugh so hard xd

(1 edit) (+3)

I will protect Lucas with my life. I don't know how there's so much content already! I'm absolutely blown away by how put together everything is. The grammar usage is great and so is the writing, so this error stood out to me. Because there are multiple subjects the dialogue should be:

"Aren't Travis and Conner bi?"

*Is* is used for a singular subject, while *are* is for multiple subjects. TBH I only learned a lot of the more intricate English/Grammar stuff recently myself and now I'm addicted 馃槄. Anyway, keep up the good stuff! You've got another patreon coming your way for sure. 


Ahem... I did notice that too. Scroll down a little and find my observations. Your answer is there. XD

Just played through beefcake and edgelord routes, loved it, thanks for your work on this project!

I love this game, i like lucas leigh and oscar ;)

How many days/chapters are planned for this game?


whichever path I choose Leigh is just my absolutely favorite, I love him in every way omg someone help me I feel lovestruck


Usually I'm onto atletic guys, but... AHHH! Lucas is SO cute, even if he's somewhat rude.

Alert. Potential spoilers ahead:





Just two things: 

There are some lines where the text is too much and doesn't fit in the textbox XD

That "isn't" could be replaced by "Aren't"(?) As I have been taught, "Is" is for the pronouns "he", "she", "it".  Travis and Connor count as "They".  I think so (?)

Anyway. Thank you for this. I am really loving this visual novel. Keep it up. Oh, and sorry if the things I said above are a burden. 


Lucas must be protected at all costs



Sorry for the late reply! The text going so low is due to your screen size. I'll get some mobile players to give some feedback and I might adjust the amount of text during Lucas' day 3. As for the Lucas quote, it is an intentionally incorrect wording to sound more natural to how people talk.

(1 edit)

Ok, got it. Thanks for the clarification. And don't worry about being late. On the contrary, I apreciate the reply. Thank you, and sorry if I'm being a bother.


How in the heck did you make me love this vn in 4 builds only like god damn

I REALLY like this VN so far and am seriously considering recommending it to a friend, but I first kind of want to know if there is going to be any NSFW or explicit content in future builds?


Depends really. I'll put it up to a patreon vote at a later time, for now there isn't any in it yet but I'm not opposed to potentially adding it in the future.

Thanks for the speedy response.  I like that idea of letting the fans decide which direction this VN goes, and personally I would vote for the path of tasteful and moment appropriate NSFW content.  Mainly since I've seen stuff like that, and its related themes really enrich a VN when used in the right amount and methods 

Oh, and one more quick question, what species is the MC?


Wallace is a weasel! 

Thanks, for some reason I was blanking on it 

Yeah, I think you used the word 'musteline' a couple of times in the script; so, I assumed Wallace was like a weasel or a ferret.


So, will the phone background on the main menu change depending on whichever route the player chooses 脿 la Psychic Connections?


Eventually! This will likely have to wait till I can hire a separate programmer for this kinda thing. My knowledge is very basic and I also would need to get the assets for the other two routes as well.


Because apparently the competition for my #1 favorite VN has to be a three-way tie now. As if No More Future and 9:22 already fighting for that spot wasn't enough!


I see I'm not the only one drawn to this type of story as those three are my top three as well. I will do my best to let you know if I find another one I like, and I hope you can also do the same.

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